Monday, December 8, 2008

Barbecuing In Andy’s Crib

December is the last month that appears in a year, the month that most people start to relax themselves from all the hard works that they gone through right from the beginning of the year. It’s the month that a lot of things can be done. First is holiday, everyone starts to have their holiday. Kids that study are having their long holiday and Parents will take leave to spend extra times with their kids. Going on a vacation will be one of the choices taken in this holiday. Other than going out for a vacation to relax, shopping will be another choice because of End-Of-Year SALES. It’s also the month that barbecues maybe the favorite choices for everyone because of the celebration of Christmas and New Year!

Why barbecue?

First of all is the FUN that we all can get. The FUN of buying things together which mean SHOPPING. FUN in marinating the foods together, FUN in waiting for the day to come, FUN in setting up everything like tidying places, firing up the charcoals and etc. FUN in expecting what potluck’s foods will be brought by the one coming. Then FUN of waiting the foods to be done that everyone chit-chatting among themselves to pass the time. The FUN of waiting the countdown which everyone gets their own time to relax.

And what make barbecue special are the FOODS that we can have choices from land like chickens, lambs, beef, pork. Then from sea, we can have sea foods. Then we can have foods manufacture from factories some more like crabsticks, hotdogs, fish balls or also known as [ball ball] and etc. When comes to barbecue, there are quite number of experiences I had in this year starting from April 2008. Let’s have flashback before we go any further.

On the 27th April 2008 which was Joyce’s farewell that turned into a small barbecue gathering.

On the 18th May 2008, the day I’m celebrating my 21st!

On the 1st June 2008, I had a picnic with my families and relatives.

On the 14th July 2008, that’s the opening ceremony of Wee’s Birthday celebration. =)

On the 15th July 2008, the year 1999, CHMS’s primary six gathering. -___-!! And we just had barbeque the night before. Ahhhh!!!

On the 24th July 2008, a small barbecue gathering in Wee’s house. It can say that I’d averagely once a month and for the month of July, I had three times in Barbecue. I can teach lesson in barbecue already. =P

Err~ won’t get bored in it? Nope! It’s always that FUN as mentioned above. =) Now, I’m about to share the barbecue gatherings I had in the month of October that was held in Andy’s crib again. Haha! Let’s have a look at the foods that’d been the favorite picks of all time for us. When comes to BBQ, Andy and I will suggest these for the first pick and it’s a must when we’re going to have BBQ!

And the first pick will be…

Mussels with Cheese. And then we’ll be having …

Everyone hottest pick for BBQ, [Salai] Chicken wings and lambs

Ball Ball. =P

Jes and Auntie’s Ah Kim own-made chicken satay! Haha~

Crabsticks and Hotdogs

Burger meats

And we had something different these time, Andy decide to make the barbecue in his cribs healthier a bit that he prepared …

Yam Tapioca and

Jagung Manis, it smells nice when we add topping of Butter Planta. These are what usually we had for BBQ, hope it does help you all in sorting the menu or ingredients for the coming Barbecue you guys going to have. And what are your menus in BBQ? Why not share it out in the comment box or Cbox, exchanging ideas that make the coming BBQ gathering looks and tastes MARVELOUS… Hehe.

What’s another point that makes Barbecue a favorite pick for everyone out there?

It’s the TASTINESS of the Foods. Yummy~ not only taste GOOD and it looked GOOD too. Two-thumbs up to the one that barbecuing. And who could the one be?

HaHaHaHaHa…Here come the Pattern! It’ll be…

ME! Ah-Yong on the 25th October 2008 in Andy’s house.

And when the experiences of barbecuing accumulates, the skills got better and the aura/ power in BBQ-ing also got stronger that the soon will become the MASTER. Hahaha…

Yeahhh… He’s on FIRE!!! Hahaha. Calling 995, calling 995! There is FIRE here. =P

Is that all the FUN we can get? No~ there is more and it’s the most FUN part which are…

The FUN of helping each other out in getting things done.

The FUN of helping in turning over the foods and brushing the surface of it with HONEY & BBQ sauces.

The FUN of changing CHEF in barbecuing that we get to try different tastes from different hand! Errm, don’t pretend lah! Seems that it only sound FUN to ME because when other taking the turn to cook. Then I can have all the times here to do the EATING part. Haha!

The FUN of waiting the foods is ready to be served! Jackie waits it with a smile. =)

Here it is, all the FUN of barbecue. Feeling excited? Feeling on FIRE? Feeling nervous? Don’t hesitate of having one in these coming Christmas or New Year. There is always helping hands out there that will kindly help you to get things done when everyone hear of barbecue.

To my cousins. Hey! What about us doing what we always do for all these time in the Christmas’ Eve! I’m done with my wishing list! Haha. Are you ready, Hahaha!

To my gang. Hey! New Year’s Eve will be the last time we spent together for the year 2008 and let’s have a blast one!

To you guys out there. Hey! Let’s end the year 2008 with FUN & JOY! =)

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