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Once a Aspirasian!

Sekolah Menengah Menglait Gadong, that's the school where I finished my secondary level at. One of the school that I had FUN in, the school that gave me a lot of nice experiences and moments, the school that gave me a chance to be prefect. [Err! Am I that reliable? Haha] It's also the school that I slept almost everywhere of its area except the toilets, staffs' rooms, discipline room and principal's room. Other than those rooms, I had made couple of maps there! Eee~

And from Sek. Men. Menglait Gadong, I'll get to know you all. It's you all that made school's fun at that time. First of all, it's those caring lovely teachers that always support us, encourage us, help us from lower sencondary to upper secondary and till the moment we got graduated. Then I'll get to meet my chinese friends there that brought me and taught me how to play basketball, counter-strike, warcraft 3, ragnarok and all those pc games! haha. Thanks to you all that got along with me for all the times there.

Other than having all those, I'd met ASPIRASI. That's the class that I studied in for my upper secondary level. That's where you guys taught and improved my Bahasa Melayu, [Kali ahh, Buleeehhh] That's where I learnt those Boooo Pendek, Boooooooooo Panjang and Booo Tarik from. You guys gave me such a great moments that we always joke around in the class, teasing each other in the class and I'm always the VICTIM. Haha. [What to do, the only CINA in the class at first!] Talking around the class, having breakfast during the lesson that we ordered Sosis Solo from one of you and had Nescafe 3 in 1 while teacher is up front teaching. We had our lunch together in the canteen while staying back for the extra classes in the afternoon. We got so close among each other that we help each other out, discuss among ourself when we're having problem, rely on each other, together gone through all the UPs and DOWNs and that's how we're known as the "Aspirasi Family" by other class because we're so close to each other just like a family that hold each other ups when ever and where ever.

Then you guys signed me up for a dancing performances for the teacher's day. It's my first time dancing on the stage and in front of the whole school! [Maluku~ Haha] And we're the second runners-up in the inter class football competition even though most of us were major in Basketball. And for basketball's competition, we're the CHAMPS and I'm the MVP! muahahaha! You guys invited me to your sungkai dinner in your house.You guys made each of you Special...

A few pictures that remind us of the past!

Taking picture with Cikgu Tahni, our bahasa melayu teacher.

With Cikgu Razali, biology teacher.

And our form teacher, Teacher Cecilia...Thanks to you all for having a great patience and efforts in teaching us even though we're the playful one.

That's all was few years back and now everyone started to have their own life to go, their own dreams to pursue, their own targets to hit. Times of being together is not that much as before and some of us may got lost contact. There are times that we share our stories back then with our new friends in the new environments or schools.we all got it all clear inside our mind and heart that we're once Aspirasi and did had FUN back in the times. We all felt for that and want to feel it back again that we're having reunion once in a while to update each other and teasing each other. Haha! We once had a small reunion at the West street cafe and then at the Muara beach.

All those was 1 or 2 years back, in 2008 we managed to have it 2times. And the first time was...

At the Rizqun International Hotel on the 8th July 2008! I did post entry about these gathering that you all can check it out in the month of July of the archives. It's the "Hawkers Nite With Aspirasi"

A couple of month later which is december now when everyone start to have holidays, we decide to have another outing together and it's also a small celebration dinner for Mawar & Khairul because they both going to get married. GOSSHH!!! and it's the first time I got invitation for marriage from my friend and first time of having my own name at the invitation's card.

Where are we heading this time?

It's Seri Patik Brasserie in Airport Mall. It's a nice place where we can have a nice, smooth and relax dinner at. They play all those classical hot picks' love song in the restaurant. Awwww... So sweeettt. haha! =P

Done with the surrounding, let's see the attendant at that time.

First of all, I start with ME!!! -___-!! I'm the earliest bird on that night. And that's Farhana beside me, she's the second earliest. When she saw me, she shouted! SOON KIAN YONG!!! Errmmm, Pahana Pahana. Don't have to be Full Name ah. haha~ And we had Celamin = Cermin back in the past. haha!

From left to right. Farhan, Amal a.k.a Panjang and Pizza = Fizah!

The Iced-Lemon Tea of Seri Patik.

Okay, Done with the drink. We all had Iced-Lemon Tea on that night. Yeah, that big restaurant and we just ordered Iced-Lemon Tea?!?! Hehehe. Expensive bah! Kekeke. Done with the drinks, let's have a group photo before we end our gathering...

HEY!!! that short for a reunion after a long time since JULY? Seem like we're missing something out.

Yeah, missed myself out for the group photo taking! Guess that's a wrap! Hahaha.

... ... ... ... ...

Nyeh! How can we end all these without these... We came that far and how could we missed out all the foods there!

Tom Yam Soup

Nasi Goreng

Fried Butter-Prawn

Mixed Vegetables with Seafoods.

Black Pepper Beef! These is so NICE!!! My most favorite picks of the night! :) Oppss, Kedapatan tia I ate Beef... Sssshh!

Smiley Mango Fish-Fillet! Hahaha. Looks COOL huhh. O.O

What a luxurious dinner we had there. Okay, done with the foods. So done with these entry already? Errm~ We still haven't see the one that going to get marry soon in the 2weeks time! Hahaha.

Let's see who could it be!

So in your point of view, which one do you think that'll get marry first? Hehe...

Or is it ME? Hahaha... Nehh.. Still a long journey to go.

Azman & Murad.

Khairul & Mawar. Yeah! It's both of them... Wooo~

Me & Panjang! She's only a few inches shorter than me! Pfft... We're the Panjang of Aspirasi. There is one, MESRA who said staying back is not COOL! muahaha.. He's cool and now a news reader in RTB! =)

Azman givng me the certificate of appreciation... Haha! Makan pun ada certificate kah? It's the invitation card from Mawar & Khairul!

My gang, Murado De Gonzales! Hahaha. He's the one that taughe me Sajak-Sajak Burung Merpati, taught me how to spell Tongue... T A N G.. Tang! haha... We're the prefect also that we go duty together... Curi tulang together while dutying! haha... So are we reliable? Yes we are. haha!

Me and the kan kahwin punya... Haha! I'm here wishing joy & happiness upon both of you forever! Have a blast one on your marriage day...

Another group photo before we ended on that night! That's the night we had there on the 10th December 2008. When will be our next outing together? No one knows, by that time... Don't know what good news we're going to receive. Or whose the next to get marry? Hmmph... Kahwin kahwin aje, am I gagas to have one too? Hahaha... Till our next gathering, I'm here wishing you all the best and keep climbing to the tops! Take care wahai kawan-kawan ku! Happy New Year too.

Thanks to you all, ASPIRASI for bringing all these into part of my life! Thank You! You guys had been a great friends to me. =)

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