Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Time In T.T Blues Cafe

Life can be that FUN as it are. It's just like planting any fruits. Let's take Rambutan as an example. In a rambutan tree, it at least have 50 little buah rambutan. Once there are ripe, can we assure that inside that 50 buah rambutan all is sweet and tasty one? There is always a few which may got rotten due to the insects/ animals that ate it. There is some that may come in sour taste instead if sweet. Just the same like life, there are always UP and always DOWN.

But how much GOOD rambutans do we own and how much BAD rambutans do we own? All these depends on the one who planted it. Each day when the one that plants it put his/her efforts in watering the seeds, putting fertilizer, taking care of it from the animals/ insects. One day, that seeds will grow into a fine rambutan tree that'll provide more GOOD rambutans than the BAD one. How do we handle our own life? Are we the good, hardworking, serious, responsible farmer or the lazy, irresponsible farmer? Life is equal to how much efforts we put it in. The more we do, the more we get. The more efforts the farmer puts in, the more fine rambutans he'll gets. The more lazy that the farmer puts in, the more bad rambutans he'll get.

It's will never change because when you plant the rambutan's seed, it'll only grow into a rambutan tree. It wouldn't grow into an apple tree, durian tree or something else. It's always that fair.

[We're all the farmer to ourselves that how UP we want life to be, it's all upon ourselves. Our hands, our mind-sets, our efforts done, our heart feels and etc]

When we have the grab of it, we'll be just like those farmers that able to grow different fruits on differents places. Just like Rambutans, Durians, Langsats that are grow in hot climate. Apples that grow in more colder places. And for us, we can create different type of fun and joy on different places, ambiences or situations. Here's a small sharing that even a small hanging up that will create a different type of JOY! =)

These time, it'll would be a cafe at the end corner of Yong Siong Hai building, Gadong which is known as the T.T Blues Cafe. It's a nice place to hang out at because the surroundings are nice and comfort. And most of all is that the foods serve there are delicious and the drinks are unique. When we have a look at the menus, their drinks come with UNIQUE name that they had Summer Paradise. And then Peter-Pan Punch?!?!?! Hahaha. And what I ordered at that time was "COOL MAN" Woo...

Imagine the waitress there asking, what do you want sir for your drink? And we answer: " I want Cooooolll maaaaaannnn!" Hahaha. or a girl that said: "Hey!!! I want COOL MAN!" and the waitress ask back:"How COOL do you want?" Haha.

A bits preview of the drinks there.

Banana ... ...

Oreo ... ...

Papaya ... ...

Sorry that I'd forgot the name of those drinks because I'm just focussing in my...

Will try something else on my next visit there. Maybe the Peter-Pan Punch! That'll be like another nice thing to say it out to the person that attend us. Just like one dish in Gripps Cafe. [Tycoon's Fried-Rice, 有钱人炒饭] "Hey excuse me, I want to have 有钱人炒饭!" Haha.

Other than the drinks in T.T Blues that got us in the exciting mode. The foods that serve there are nice too. The fries that serve there is one of the worth to call snacks which it comes in big portion. Other than that, we can have Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Mayonise and TarTar Sauce. Woo~

The Sauces of the snacks' foods!
And we had Onion Rings that night, had tried the fries on the first visit with Jes, Andy & Hwa.

Wooaaahhh!!! The Onion-Rings that we'll eat till SIOK! A nice place to chill in, unique names of the drinks that excite the customers and the big portion of snacks that come with many sauces. Definitely a nice place that let a farmer grows many GOOD fruits.

Imagine the whole progress is just a DULL emotion, which the one that order the food said: "I want cool-man for my drink and onion rings for the snack." When the drink and food came. A small thank you to the waitress, and then finish the whole thing and pay for the bill. That'll be like a farmer that plants the seeds in a fertile soil, he's not putting any efforts. The seeds can't grow into fertile fruits' trees may not produce tasty, juicy fruits.

How much you put in that will be how much you'll gain.

And I'm the farmer to my own. Hahaha!
Good luck to everyone out there... Grow yourself a nice, big, tall, fertile tree that shelters us from the heat of the sun, gives us a sweet juicy fruits that quenches our thirst, blocks the wind that blows towards us and everything! =)

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