Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wootz!!! Last night 1/12/2008 I just updated my blog and today 2/12/2008, i'm updating one again. That's really fast and Ah-Yong is really into clearing his own dumpsite huhh. Haha! Let's see if I'm still update in 3/12/2008, 4/12/2008 and so on. =P

Come on, everyone need encouragement! Show me some LOVE here. Hahaha! Wooshh wooshh, I'll put more oil. =D

A short post posting here tonight. Let's try something new tonight, let all the pictures do all the explanation and I don't have to write those long long story like once upon a time, there is someone saying these and that, or the old one always say and ... ... Now let the picture say!!!

[Once upon a time... Tetttt! Press the "Fast Foward"button! Foo, skipped the introduction part. Till the middle part. Tetttt! Press the "Play" button!] -___-!!

Wasabi! While eating "Ba Kut Teh", it's best to eat it with "Char Kueh". What is thing to combine when it comes to "Wasabi"?


It's Sushi! Yeah, had posted about Japanese foods in the previous post that I'd it in Misato, Kiulap. Let's have a sneak peek of what I'd in Takara, Gadong.

Raw Salmon!

Ayam Madu? or Ayam Masak Kicap? I don't know.

Fried Prawn Fritters! Yummy~

Gyoza and known as Japanese Dumpling by ME! hehe.

Is these known as Japanese Kolomee by ME again? Nehh!

There is Soup for these. So it's Japanese Mee Soup? Tettt!!!

It's "Cha Sho Ba" in Japanese, it's actually sounded the same like "Char Sio Ba" in Hockien! [Roasted Barbecue Pork]

Cocktail Drink!

The foods look nice huhh, feels like eating a lot of those thing and I'd it during the promotion in the fasting month that we can eat all those in all we can. As long as you don't surrender, the CHEF won't surrender. But when Ah-Yong is there, you better surrender! haha...

ITADAKIMAS!!! See, how gelojoh I'm! Scary to have him in the buffet style. =P

Went there with Joshua at that time and...
Jes and Andy!

Aiyah, don't take a photo of mine. Malu lah! hahaha.

With Boon Jing and...

Jances! That's all, why there isn't Wee joining? He went back to UK already, so we guys go for a celebration oh! Finally, Brunei is back to peace again. Hahaha! What a good friend we are here. [No wonder he's buying a keychain from Wales the next year he got back as a present for ME!] Aww~ Wee! I did wrote things about you previously oh! Haha.

Not only the foods look nice, the place look nice too! This tells you everything. Haha! This picture got feels in it. looks natural! Jes is the one who took it~ And who's the one that threw a toothpick there? So inconsiderate! haha...

Posing in front of Takara Signboard! Like eating Japanese foods in other country. Hehe! Can't see clearly of the signboard.

A closer view here.

Do they serve SAKE? Hahaha!

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