Monday, December 1, 2008

One Year One Time!

One year one time! What comes into your mind when you see this? The flowers that blossom once a year? The national day that celebrates once a year? The birthday that one celebrates once a year? Upcoming event like Christmas that celebrates once a year? Or the Buah Durian that we get to see once a year during the Musim Buah-Buahan! Nehhh! We can have it anytime now, don't have to see the seasons already.

To the people who's working, could it be the "BONUS" that everyone awaits after a year of hardworks? Or one year one time, going back home during the Chinese New Year? That goes to the Chinese. =) Or going out for a vacation once a year? When it comes to time like these, we always have a grab on it that we'll put extra effort in doing it and will make good use of the time. Just like these upcoming Christmas, everyone out here is starting to decorates the places with Christmas' trees, Santa's hats, presents and etc. During the national day, fireworks are always show for the celebration. In the previous time, during the fruit's seasons. Our house will be full of DURIAN's smell. Haha. Because it only happens once a year, we spend it with CHERISH and JOY!

That's just once a year! Imagine once every four years! That'll be more JUMBO, putting everything in it and whatever it takes. Just like World-Cup, Olympics! The whole world celebrates for it.

What about once a lifetime? Can't imagine how GIGANTIC the celebration going to be! There is one that we don't really like to celebrate, it's a sad time and people cries on that moment. That's when the bell of us already ring. [It's time to GO already!] Haha. =P

[Appreciate all the up and down moments, because it's all about YOU yourself!]

And I'm here haven't till the level of once a four years or once a lifetime yet, still a long way to crawl! I'm here in the level of once a year. I receive Ang Pao during the Chinese New Year once a year, I receive birthday wishes from families, relatives and friends once a year, I celebrates Christmas once a year. Above all, that's what more into myself. What makes my once a year special is that I'll get to see you guys once a year for now! Haha. Awww~ =D

I had friends in UK that come back Brunei at least once a year. But before the UK list, I had KL one too that we'd been seeing each other 3time since 2005. KL = Kuala Lumpur! Who could it be? Never heard I mention it before till now.

Let's say Hi to...

Esther Chong, a friend of us since our primary level in Chms! She's the big sister around us at that time, because she's the eldest and she's the one that have the mature thinking at that time and we here still a fan of SPICE GIRLS, BACKSTREET BOYS, BOYZONE and etc. And we guys still play Pokemon at that time. Hahaha.

She's also a bright one that even though she do outing a lot, still manage to get results with flying colours and doing FORENSIC after graduates form 5. But now, more into PUPPIES LOVER! adopt quite number of dogs. Haha. Always the nice one around us.

All these were taken in 2007, spot the differences between previous and now! hahaha. During the 2006, we went to excapade sushi and in the 2007, we spent our time in Capers.

Jes and Andy in 2007! Hahaha. Jes, you look fairer now! Still need to go for facial now? No need lah. haha. ;p

Ho Wee! look normal huhh... Still quite the same as now... Let's see wait till we see this.

So the small size ahh him, and now got bigger a bit already! Congrats gang! haha... =) And as for me, I got more BIGGER now... sad thing! haha.

Every one looks so happy back then! Just like in Primary 6A's class. Wee, the corridor fighter. Haha.

That's two years back, 10th of May 2007. Time flies and a year had passed. Two years back, you came back alone. These time, you made it with your boyfriend, then next year maybe your doggies... Years coming, maybe baby! hahaha. =P

See what changes can be make to you in a year time!

Errm, got older liao? haha! No lah, got prettier already. haha! and peanuts are nice.

Hahaha! We at first had our meal in Yit Sum eating Ba Kut Teh and after it, had our time spent in Evon's house [the one on the right] eating peanuts, singing k, taking pictures and playing truth or dare! Gossh, got bully by you all! haha.

That's Lee Jian, not Esther's boyfriend oh. It's a friend of us since the primary level too. And people say me and him look the same and the pattern of laughing also the same. -_-!!

Sing Ching a.k.a SUMO! haha... Cheers y'all!

Eng Eng! Let's see when all these got gather around. When the Power combines, I'm Captain Planet! hahaha.

Guess that I'm not the only Model around. Hahaha! Charlie's Angels! haha. And Hii Wei is???

Now, that's Charlie's Angels. Evon is more into 007~

Everyone seems happy that old friend got back!

Arrgghhh!!! Big guy's pose! Who's tougher? Do we both really look alike? =P

Posing with the shoes! Why Lee Jian aren't posing with is shoe? Hmm, Something smelling FISHY here. haha! =O

The group photo taken with Esther in 21st September 2008. And the number of people gets increasing. Yeah, it is. Just like the plant planted from seed. It keep growing each days just like we grow bigger each days.

Just before i end these, I would like to end a photo that only me taken with Esther and her boyfriend, Khar Chun!!!

Yeah!!! now you're back to KL already, another year to go till you got back here again to continue your stories and see how much had we all grown in a year again. Hahaha!

Wishing you and khar chun doing your BEST there, just like you always do! Take care my friends! See you again in the next chapter.

*Next year when got back, choose the time when Wee is here. He misses seeing you also! And you have to see how much he had grew in err... Wee, takut ku cakap keluar kena you Hamtam. You faham-faham ah! hahaha.


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