Friday, December 5, 2008

Do pictures speak?

Every day we talk mostly about everything with our families, relatives and friends. We talk about peoples, entertainment, places, foods, drinks, sports, politics and etc. Even the dogs of our neighbor we also talk. That’s what people known it as Gossiping. In Chinese, it’s 说人家的事非! Haha! We just did it anywhere and anytime we want.

While talking, we had built up the skills of describing. Describing is just like a part of us... while working, we’re describing among our colleague to see how to get the work being done. While schooling, we’re also describing that we describe throughout projects, presentations, assignments or speeches. While gossiping, we’re describing about incidents that had happened or going to be happened. Then we describing about people, describing how good or bad there are, how kind or stingy they are, how beautiful or handsome they are, how fat or thin they are and etc. But mostly every time when it comes to gossiping, we always talk about the negative thing! Haha.

Now not just by talking, we start to write everything in books, magazines, newspaper and even internet in blogging. Through all these mass media, we still building the describing skills of us. We just write and write. But with just talking and writing, is it enough that we describe everything with words?

Can we explain it clearly? Can we let the one who’s hearing understand what we want to describe? Can we describe exactly as what it happened or exactly what it is? How much can we explain through words and writings?

For example, in a restaurant! A menu that is full of dishes name and a menu that comes with names and pictures. Which one do we find it easy to order? It’s obviously the menu that has pictures in it. But as always, the one that serve to us isn’t look like the one that took in the pictures! Haha. Another one, A school project that assigned to both groups. One got it done with just information founded and pasted everything into the manila card and the other one got colorful wordings and pictures to support its theory. So which one will get the higher marks? With just words and writings, it’s not enough for a description. That’s why pictures talk a lot more than everything.

So let’s start from a small small example.

Question: How does the jungle in Brunei looks like?

Answer: It had lots of trees and it looks green! [Err! Are we all satisfied with the answer? Can you imagine how it looks like?] And now let’s try these.

What about now? Do you know how it looks like already? =)
Then, let's move to another one... Do you all know that Brunei had ZOO! Woah~ Sure or not? Zoo that keeps animals inside? In Brunei? Yes, we have!

There it is, Louis Mini Zoo! Not boasting here, it has variety of monkeys, birds, reptiles, mammals and etc.

And when comes to talking, some time people may think we're boasting or we're just making up stories! When there are pictures showing what you said, things may be different. =)

What you're looking at? Do want a piece of me? Told ya what, I don't its a She or He! But it's very naughty. Don't get near it, it won't bite. It just SPIT!!! ahhhh~

Careful! These will BITE, EAT and SWALLOW! Ahhhh~

And Louis Mini Zoo also had PIGGY!!! Harr~ Are we eligible to have it in Brunei? Brunei nerr!

Seeing is Believing!


Oink Oink! 0(OO)0!!

From the land, let's move to the SKY. How does the sky at the beach looks like in 5+ am in the morning? Answer: [Err! it looks blue!!!] then this will lead to another question.

Question: [How BLUE it is? Dark blue? how bright?] and we just non-stop describing and keep describing till the one understands.

It tells everything that only it describes. It also brings the Feels the people, let them feel that the sky looks beautiful, calm, peaceful and ... ...

Let's move on to describing people!

Question: [How are the people around you doing? How do everybody looks like? How cherish when you all gathering together?]

It'll takes a long long long times in describing each one, instead of taking much times. Let the pictures show, with just a glance. We can get what we want!

In conclusion, Everyone look HAPPY! :) Pictures reminiscence all those moments.

We had talked about the sky [天] the land [地] the people [人] In Chinese, when all these gathers. It's 天地人和 that mean PEACE! There is one thing we must not short of if we want peace, which are FOODS!!! haha!

How can Happy-Stop miss out Foods. :p

By have the looks of it, we'll know either its delicious or not!

Ahh! Don't try to snatch from me... Hahaha.

Pictures have become one of the important thing that comes into our life. Without it, it'll be just like the school's project that full of hand written words or printed words. It'll be just dull! With pictures, it adds up colors that make everything look interesting. No wonder, those camera's business is getting better and better. Haha! Want to get a better for the project assigned? Add more pictures in it. What we are now is just like doing the school projects, let's not miss the PICTURES out. If not, we'll get flunk! Haha.

Here bottom is the pictures that I took when sending those going to continue their further studies. Question: [Who could we send these time?] Answer: [Jances & Chin Tze] then another question again, who are they? how does they look like?

Foo! Tired of questions and answers. Let's see pictures. *Someone must be very very very TIRED now!

Sending Jances on the 2nd of October 2008.

A picture that she took with her family before she left! The one wearing Naruto shirt, I knew what you did in the Airport. Hmmph! and you still act innocent huhh. Hahaha! He spilled his COLA and act like wasn't he did one! haha...

Then these was sending Chin Tze on the 12th of October 2008! Both of you have to 加油! See you guys again next year. Take care~

Even you're TIRED right now, I still will write. Write even more longer! You'll just see the pictures that I'd posted only. I know you~ Hahaha! Wootz, another important of pictures in Blogging. I got friends here who's complaining, i write too long. I'd made him TIRED. Imagine, we just write entries that full of wordings. Will that friend of mine stay a little bit longer? If there are pictures posted in the entries, it'll be a different story. At least, that friend of mine will stop by a while and look over all the pictures posted! See~ The importance of having pictures.

It'll add up COLORS into your life! =)


Anonymous said...

a zoo in brunei? since when! lol.. where is this louis mini zoo? btw was surfing the links and came by your blog :) you look(and sound?) like a very happy person so keep writing, we need more happy bloggers man.

Ah-Yong said...

Hahaha!!! Yeah, Thanks for dropping by... Hope u enjoy your stay here. Yeah, a zoo in BRUNEI yoo.. but a mini, errrm! somewhere otw to tutong there using old road where we turn right and can go straight up to tutong town, will see it by the roadside! haha... =) yeah! Life ah.. gota kip it up!